We offer the perfect mix of love, training and


experience to make your aquarium thrive.





  Aquarium Butler was founded to help pet owners offer a better habitat to their aquatic family members.  Here at Aquarium Butler, our fishes have names. They are not just a fish.


  Each fish has a different personality. They bond with their owners, if just given enough attention.  To a limited extend, some species can be trained to be hand fed, and respond to basic commands such as stay, spin or give daddy or mommy a kiss.


  Because of this special love, our goal is to keep their habitat in the best shape possible. We closely monitor the quality of the water and also their interaction to avoid any unnecessary losses.


  We believe in putting God first and all else will fall into place. We practice business according to the golden rule. You can expect us to deliver the best service in the most efficient way at a reasonable cost.


  Our ultimate goal is for you to enjoy your aquarium, while we perform the maintenance of it .