Algae nightmare

By Rafy
June 09, 2017
Category: Algae and other issues

This tank took us almost 3 hours to restore to clean condition. We brought proper replacment water and used Aquarium Butler's proprietary techniques to restore its glamour.

Excuse the after pictures because it will take a few hours to clear up, so I will post once our client sends in an updated 24 hours picture. 

Probable cause:

Too much light through slide doors.

Too much feeding. Customer got an in person instructions how to properly feed

Aquarium Water prior used may have been wrongly collected a... Continue reading

Severe Algae issues

By Rafy
March 10, 2017
Category: Algae and other issues

When a tank turns green its usually a combination of several factors:

Too much light both in intensity and hours.

Too little flow.

Bad quality of water.

High nutrients in tank due to overfeeding. 

We noticed how green our reverse osmosis pre filter gets after using for about just a few weeks. This indicates possibly something being used in our municipal lines. So if you have a tank on a reverse osmosis system directly hooked to your top off, make sure you replace your media accordingly!

Fo... Continue reading

Tags: Algae management in marine aquarium. Aquarium Butler


By Rafy
December 22, 2016
Category: Feeding your tank

It all started with a tang having a popeye. I used Melafix to solve that problem. Few days later lost my flame angel, then my tang died, later my Cardinal disappeared. My tank is established and I help hundreds of people in this hobby. Since I successfully used Melafix in the past I was clueless, till I read other blogs what others were saying. I found the culprit.

I immediately did a 50% water change, and I connected an air pump into my display, which later I moved into my refugium. I needed to make sure there was plenty of oxygen... Continue reading


Feeding a fish tank

By Rafy
November 25, 2016
Category: Feeding your tank

The most common issues we found in our careers as servicing technicians is that most customers tend to overfeed. 

Most manufacturers of fish food encourage this "bad behavior" by writing on their labels to feed multiple times a day. Or as much as your fish can eat in a minute or two. 

What we really need to do is understand that 3-5 pellets or flakes per fish is the equivalent of a nice meal for us. A pinch as we often explain this in the industry is still too vague.  One should really make sure that whatev... Continue reading

Tags: proper fish feeding aquarium

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